Brotherton & Weekping Indian Communities of NJ

Tennent's Account of Move from Cranbury (Bethel) to Brotherton
1759 Map of Proposed Layout of Brotherton
Pictures of Brotherton
Primary Documents Related to Brotherton Indians
Native Men in the French & Indian War
Brotherton in 1761 & 1795
Message from the Brothertons to the Ohio Indians, 1767
Removal to New York, 1793 - 1803
Robert Skikkit - And Indian Soldiers of the Revolution
Weekping or Coaxen
Pictures of Weekping/Coaxen
Indian Rules of Descent of Lands
The Will of Charles Moolis & Legal Action to Stop It
The Court Battle over Moolis's Will
Court Action in Trenton
Confused Tenants & Powers of Attorney
State Control of Weekping
Efforts at Compromise at Weekping
Petition of the Indians, 1817
1819 Letter to the President
Federal Court Action
The Loss of Weekping
Miscellaneous Documents
Occum, Quakers, Moravian Texts & More
Books for sale
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This is a new site under construction as I upload the many documents and images in my files.   Please check back regularly, and if you have material to include for a more complete understanding of the Delaware Experience in their homeland, please feel free to contact me.   Thank you!

Brotherton & Weekping:
A Documentary History

The purpose of this site is to provide access to the documentary history of the Brotherton Indian Reservation (now Indian Mills, Shamong Twp.)  and the nearby Indian community of Weekping (Coaxen) located to the west of present-day Vincentown.
The bulk of these documents come from a hitherto untapped archival source, the Foster Collection, of the Historical Society of Pennsylvania, located in Philadelphia.  Josiah Foster, like his father William before him, was an Indian Commissioner for New Jersey during the 18th century.  His papers, consisting of original documents written by the Indian inhabitants of Brotherton and Weekping (and elsewhere), and copies of his responses provide a unique glimpse into the living conditions of Brotherton and to the general status of the Delawares who chose to remain in their ancestral homeland.
Other documents come from the Quaker Collection at Haverford College, PA and the N-Y Historical Society, and elsewhere.
The Documents
The documents have been indexed and abstracted.  Over the course of several months, I transcribed and typed them and put them in chronological order.  I have refrained from making editorial comments, other than to place each document within a broader context.
Other documents are taken from the New Jersey Archives, county records, etc.  In many instances, these documents have been transcribed by others, and are copied here to provide as complete a collection as possible.
This is a work in progress.  As documents are copied and/or found, they will be added to this site.
Richard S. Walling
East Brunswick, NJ 08816

Location of Brotherton, now Indian Mills

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