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A Partial Roster of Native Men Who Served in the French & Indian War

Indian Men from NJ in the French & Indian War

Source:  NJ State Archives, Series Group SDEA0001/Colonial Wars, 1639-1903



Robert Indian* ;Maj. McDonald’s Co., NJ Provincials, Record # 243:       6/4/1761

*spelling of name in transcription is written as Indiam


Abraham Lolocks; Col. Samuel Hunt’s Co., NJ Provincials, Record #243:  On 1761 embarkation roll


Joseph Mickty; Col. John Parker’s Co., NJ Provincials. Record #243:  A captive in Canada, 1759

Taken at Fort William Henry, returned 4/15/1759**


John Mitop; Col. Samuel Hunt’s Co., NJ Provincials, Record #243:  On 1761 embarkation roll


Gabriel Mytop; Capt. Tenbrook’s Co., NJ Provincials. Record    #234-6:   1762  listed as dead as of    9/1762

Also listed in Col. Hunt’s Co., 1761


Richard Quaiquias, Capt. Shaw’s Co., NJ Provincials, Record     #243:  Listed as prisoner in 1760

Captured 8/9/1757 at Fort William Henry, made his escape from Montreal, retuned to NJ by  6/12/1760**


Nicholas Tottamey; Capt. Hunt’s Co., NJ Provincials, Record    #262:  List of men captured at  Lake George; returned from captivity in Canada with Col. Schuyler in 1760**


**  Casterline, Greg.  Colonial Tribulations; the Survival Story of William Casterline and His Comrades of the New Jersey Blues Regiment;  Lulu On-line Publishing, 2007.



Tenbrook’s Co., 11/4/1761 at Fort Ontario - does not include any of the above names.


Samuel Hunt was both a captain, and then colonel of the regiment.


This list is not exhaustive, as there are men with Anglo-surnames who have not yet been researched.


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